Self Service Kiosk



Meet ‘Megan’, our virtual self-service kiosk manager. She is an cyber alternative to our office staff. A live customer service representative is also available at the push of a button to assist you through the process if you have questions.

The Kiosk allows tenants to make payments, rent units, and update their account information with ease at their own convenience.  The Kiosk is equipped to distribute secure locks, take photo identification and take fingerprints to maximize security while renting a unit.  It is accessible in the vestibule in front of our office between 6am – 11pm (before, during, and after office hours). Be sure to ask us if you have any questions regarding the Kiosk.

Below is a limited demo of our self storage kiosk. The actual rental process is not supported through this interface, and actual experience may vary.  Certain requirements apply for our largest units and those cannot be rented via the Kiosk.