About us

We opened as a self storage facility at the beginning of 2008.  We completed a large expansion of our facility, which included an on-site office and moving supply store in June 2009.  The next phase, Boat/RV and drive-up self storage space opened in August 2010.  Our latest expansion of additional drive-up self storage units opened in July of 2016.

We strive to be the premier self storage facility in the Tri-Cities, Washington.  We have invested in some of the very best security systems available in the market.  We currently have a wide variety of different storage unit types and sizes available.

We have ‘Solutions’ in our name as we will have solutions for your storage needs or we will create a solution.

While there may be a few self storage facilities that have lower prices, we believe that when it involves personal belongings, people will care more about what will keep their belongings safe, such as the quality of the security system. the cleanliness of the facility and the quality of the roofs and doors.


Our customer service team is comprised of friendly representatives that excel in making the rental process easy and hassle free. After walking in you will be greeted by their friendly attitude and warm personal skills. Our staff takes pride in the appearance of the facility and does not hesitate to go the extra mile to keep it as clean and secure as possible.

Over the years the founder of our company has been active in every aspect of home building and remodeling; from the creative end to getting his hands dirty.  He broadened his experience to include commercial real estate, as well as land developments.  At some point he found a de-commissioned ice rink that was owned by a bank and started to look at its potential, especially since it came with land.  That’s when the idea of a storage facility came about.  He figured that there must be lots of people with nice boats and RV’s that are looking for a safe and secure place for their expensive toys.  He hopes that all the ideas we’ve incorporated into our facility and all the programs we have developed over the years will benefit our customers, and Broadmoor Storage Solutions will continue to be the best facility in the Tri-Cities.

Thank you for visiting our website – please consider us for your storage needs!