Renewable Energy System

At Broadmoor Storage Solutions not only do we believe in providing our customers with a premier storage facility, but we also believe in taking care of our environment.  To do our part in reducing our carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) we have completed the installation of a premier solar power system which will allow us to operate a portion of our facility with renewable energy.  Our current system is made up of 90 solar panels which is estimated to produce over 32,000 kWh of power annually.

By reducing the electricity we draw from the local power grid, we are also reducing carbon emissions.  This means cleaner air, water and soil for your family, community, and generations to come.  In the U.S. a large portion of energy is generated from fossil fuels which in turn emit CO2 into the environment in the process.  To put this into prospective in Washington Sate 1 kWh = 1.54 lbs of CO2, and our system produces 32k kWh per year.  This is equivalent to burning 23,680 tons of coal, 38,400 gallons of gas, or driving 77,163 miles in a car.

Want to see our system in action?  Just click the link below for live update on our solar power production.

Live Solar Performance

If you are interested in installing a solar system of your own, please contact our friends at Brimma Solar for a FREE consultation and mention Broadmoor Storage for a special discount!